Password Generator

The first project I decided to smack together quickly (because I decided to wait to the last second to do it) is a password generator. Not just any password generator, but one that will evolve next week when I decide to clean things up a bit. I have ideas to the type of encryption system that has an infinite amount of possibilities, but because I made this in 1 day I left it out and brainstormed how to incorporate it for next week.

I wanted this project to be ongoing until I finish the encryption algorithm that I think will be one of a kind. Once I am done with encryption I will move on to something new. Most of the challenges I faced was wanting to have multiple things do the same thing, but I decided on having it all be put in an option menu for ease of access(cleaning out a bit of code also). You have an option to minimize to system tray if you decide you want another password quick. You can right click the lock icon and click either the option or the generate menu option.

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